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Automotive Engineering

At the core of Vertex is automotive engineering. Vertex is deeply involved in the automotive industry and has over 20 years of expertise in automotive engineering, partnering with companies large and small for all types of automotive projects.

Our automotive engineering services take a partnership approach, providing a high degree of flexibility for clients. We have provided solutions for major OEMs and several Tier 1 suppliers.Staying on target is easier with our expertise in the entire vehicle.From state-of-the-art combustion engines to electric and hybrid power trains, and from optimized transmissions to every facet of vehicle development and automotive electronics – Vertex can provide you with support across the value chain and give you services on a one-stop-shop basis:


Our specialists in power trains, vehicle integration, exteriors, interiors, vehicle safety, chassis, cockpits, vehicle electronics, mobility, product life cycle and e-traction all work together on your projects as a team. Behind this is the recognition that today’s boundary conditions in the automotive industry – such as tighter emission standards, new mobility concepts and the demands of new markets – make pooling expertise essential. We do precisely this in our integrated approach to development. It boosts our ability to resolve problems and brings greater efficiency to our development services. For you, this means: Vertex puts together a team of specialists for every project to guarantee excellent development results every time. Because in the future too, we want to be among the world‘s best in every walk of vehicle and power train development.



From concept designing till training / support, and all the stages in-between, Vertex provides services at every stage of the product life cycle.
We offer CAD / CAE services for:

  • Concept Designing (Industrial Design and styling) to Concept Validation (optimization and functional validation)
  • Designing (Detailed 3D CAD design & Manufacturing drawings) to Mathematical Calculation (empirical calculation)
  • Analysis / Simulations (Static, Dynamic, Non-linear, CFD) to Tooling (Mould design, sheet metal forming, die design, jig & fixture design)
  • Prototyping (Prototyping development services) to Manufacturing (digital manufacturing, human ergonomics, manufacturing process feasibility)
  • Shop Floor / Scheduling (plant simulation, work cell time study, assembly, automation) to Future Life Experience Training / Support (computer based training, interactive technical documentation)


Electrical and electronic system content in both automotive and commercial vehicles will continue to become more complex as new technologies are accepted and implemented. From vehicle level integration requirements to individual subsystem and component design validation, Vertex vehicle electronics group has significant expertise and industry experience that includes power train, body, chassis, safety, and entertainment electrical and electronic systems hardware and software. Our staff has experience designing and analyzing vehicle wiring and circuits, starting and charging systems, batteries, motors, switches, lamps, internal combustion and hybrid engine management systems, instrumentation, power mirrors and windows, automatic headlamp aiming, heads-up display, electric assist power steering, wireless tire pressure monitoring, electronic suspension control, antilock brakes, electronic stability control, traction control, electronic throttle control, electric brake systems, passive seat belt systems, mobile communication systems, and front and side multi-stage supplemental restraint systems. Exponent personnel are versed in the failure modes of high duty cycle sensors and actuators, both inert and detrimental effects of electromagnetic interference, and relevant mitigation methods.


Often there are not enough existing off-the-shelf components to provide our customers with an optimal solution. With many years of experiences in the field of mechanical and electronic components development behind us, we support you from the first concept study to the design and build-up of prototype components, right through to the release of complete vehicle variants.
We are able to develop made-to-measure solutions for you in a very short time as a highly skilled team of qualified toolmakers – all proficient in 3D CAD and manufacturing technologies coupled with a state-of- the- art equipment, enabling Vertex to build virtually any prototype
Component Analysis Suitability
In order to check the suitability for customer specific application, our engineers access both, the broad product portfolio of OEM’s and third-party components on the market. For this purpose, we offer technology screening and installation space studies, among other things, but also the definition of load profiles and the comparison with the component specification, to ensure to find the optimum solution.
Existing components Modification
Often, a component is basically suitable for Customer concept, but differs from customer ideal solution in a few performance or design characteristics. We further develop existing components precisely for customer application, and take care of their integration in the system.
New Component Development
So you can't find the right component for your project? No problem - we will develop a customized solution for you! We offer expertise throughout the entire development process, from the requirements analysis to the initial samples, right through to release.
Industrialization services
Not only we do support in the development of customer component - we also offer you services throughout the entire product lifecycle. These cover manufacturing and logistics issues, the production-friendly design of components, but also individually tailored business models for small-volume production.


Vertex vehicle engineering capabilities extend from quick turnaround concept design and demonstrator vehicle builds, through to full turnkey volume passenger car programmes, including full production design, prototype build, development and release responsibility. Our focus is on the optimum use of digital tools to deliver high quality vehicles using the latest available technologies in the quickest possible time and at lowest cost.


Vertex provides a range of critical testing services to the automotive, commercial truck and bus, off-road and military industries. Our reputation is built around our expertise, fast turnaround, and the quality of our service. We work with some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturers such as Nissan, Renault, Ashok Leyland and Mahindra for deliver local solutions with a global reach.
Our state-of-the-art automotive testing methodology and experienced technical teams offer customers satisfaction and a variety of recognised global Automotive OEM Standards. From materials testing and selection to engine performance, component and structural testing, Vertex expertise in automotive and transportation testing, engine testing , Performance and Mileage testing remains unsurpassed.