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Textile Machinery & Equipments

Vertex is India’s leading Textile Machinery Company, probably the single most valuable resource supporting India's textiles industry. Offering world-class value in technology solutions, we’re the ones to trust in your global thrust.

For over two decades, Vertex has been at the service of India’s textile industry. Our purpose has been to continuously add value by offering technology solutions in just about every textiles segment. There’s a constant focus on enhancing the customer’s yield on their investment, as well as the globally competitive quality of their output.

We maintain close contact with both customers and principals worldwide. These contacts help us align the changing needs of customers to suitable technological advances – an ongoing process.

Over the years, we’ve earned the trust of our clientele through focused teamwork, agility and responsiveness, proactive initiatives, and ingenuity in meeting the most specialized customer demands.


Today, the textile industry is focused on producing globally competitive products using technologically superior but cost-competitive machinery & Equipment. In that prospective vertex are the investor’s most valuable ally, partner and resource.

We provide the Solution and new Innovative products in the following area’s

  1. Spinning
  2. Weaving
  3. Garments
  4. Packaging
  5. Service & Maintenance in Textile unit
  6. Production Monitoring systems
  7. Energy monitoring System
  8. Quality Testing systems



Vertex has the best team of knowledgeable and experienced personnel, has experience in the field of textile machinery that provides the best concept design in textile products to our clients. Our highly experienced R&D team always works on new ideas and our work force ensures the highest standard of quality and timely schedule to fulfil the needs of global market.

We are equipped with the best infrastructure and latest technology & latest machinery to meet the global needs. Stringent quality control, courteous and prompt delivery has paid off, as today we have clients base in domestic and foreign markets


Vertex has an in depth understanding of what is required to deliver for textile industry from concept to production, independently offering a Textile development capability comparable with that of OEMs.
Vertex has a large plant for the manufacturing of its all types of textile machinery. The plant is equipped with latest machinery as required as per international standards. The Company Plant is divided in too many sections like Raw Material Section, Casting Section, Machining Section, Paint Shop, Assembling Sections, Consumable Section, Quality Control Section, Packing and Distribution Section. We have a separate skill knowledge team for integration and training for operating the Machines.


In textile industry the business owners are always on a look out for means of reducing their operational costs. Individual Textile Services are the outcome of this trend. There is no textile service which can't be found on a contract basis today. So we provide services on Computer-Aided Design, Contract Quilting, Yarn Spinning, Custom Printing, Fabric Welding, Silk Screening, Textile Designers services, Knitting, Sewing, Embroidery, Slitting, Pleating, Specialty Weaving, Contract Napping, Contract Weaving, Custom Perforating, Custom Swatching, Private Labelling, Testing End Product and many more..